Equity Work Group

BayCAN is committed to helping advance climate justice and equity in adaptation work across the Bay Area.


Launched in partnership with West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project and EcoEquity Consulting, the BayCAN Equity Work Group serves as a “Community of Practice” for members to help one another embed equity within their own adaptation work, as well as a space for members to collaboratively determine how to further advance equity as a network and a region. 

If you are a BayCAN member and are interested in joining the work group, email BayCAN Project Manager Yeshe Salz at yeshe@baycanadapt.org.

Work Group Resources

Work Group Foundational Document

The document describing the context and process of our foundation, our mission and objectives

Embedding Equity Into Climate Resilience Planning  - Resources from February 14th Regional Meeting

Follow up resources from the panelists, examples from BayCAN, guides and toolkits, relevant reports and legislation.