BayCAN is a collaborative network of local government staff and partnering organizations working to help the Bay Area respond effectively and equitably to the impacts of climate change on human health, infrastructure and natural systems.

Advancing a Just and Resilient Recovery

BayCAN is working in collaboration with members and partners to develop a regional strategy to advance a Just and Resilient Recovery in the Bay Area.  Read more about our projects through the BayCAN Equity Program below.

Spring All-Region Meeting
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This Spring's All-Region Meeting focused on building the Bay Area's capacity to respond to the upcoming season of "Heat-Drought-Fire," plus an inspiring Keynote from APEN on building "Resilience Before Disaster" in the wake of the COVID and climate crises.

Special Focus:
Heat, Drought, Fire
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As we enter into drought and fire season, BayCAN is focusing in on preparing our members to respond swiftly and equitably to the impacts of extreme heat, drought and fire. To see our complete suite of resources, trainings and webinars, click the link below: