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New Opportunity:

BayCAN is now accepting sponsorships to expand our impact in the Bay Area.

BayCAN Funding Tracker
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 BayCAN's funding tracker contains a curated list of funding opportunities for the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow this link for updated and easy to search funding opportunities from state agencies, local government, private foundations, federal government and more!


Want help prioritizing funding for your jurisdiction or organization? Members can book a free consultation with BayCAN staff by emailing

Summer Meetings!
Image by Mick Haupt

BayCAN's Summer Meetings will be coming up in June & July. Our Regional Meeting will be held June 26th from 9am-12pm and our Equity Working Group Meeting will be on July 17th from 10am-12pm. Both meetings will take place virtually. More details to come! Please RSVP to the calendar invites that have been sent out.

Not yet a member? Check out our "Become a Member" page to learn how.



BayCAN is a collaborative network of local government staff and partnering organizations working to help the Bay Area respond effectively and equitably to the impacts of climate change on human health, infrastructure and natural systems.

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