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Resources from BayCAN Meetings

Regional Meeting Highlights

July 27, 2022: Summer Regional Meeting

Key topics: BayCAN funding tracker tutorial, new funding opportunities, CA's 5th climate assessment, extreme heat, and more.

September 28, 2021: Fall All-Region Meeting

Key topics: wildfire smoke protocols, climate communication strategies, CA resilience budget, announcement of our climate services program and more!

May 5, 2021: Spring All-Region Meeting

Key topics:  Heat/Drought/Fire, Just and Resilient Recovery and keynote from APEN on "Resilience Before Disaster"

February 3, 2021: Virtual All-Region Meeting Resources

Meeting recording, agenda, notes and materials!

September 30, 2020: Virtual All-Region Meeting Resources

Meeting recording, agenda, notes and materials on inner resilience

July 15, 2020: Virtual Regional Meeting Resources

Meeting recording and chat plus follow up materials on intersectional environmentalism

February 20, 2020: Regional Meeting Resources

Meeting agenda and slide deck from 6 engaging and informative presentations.

February 14, 2019: Regional Meeting Resources

Agenda, project maps, and follow up resources from our in-depth sessions on equity and finance

BayCAN's Bay Area Adaptation Slide Deck

Presentation on key findings of the Bay Area Region Report from the California 4th Assessment, including notes attached to slides with more content.

Embedding Equity Into Climate Resilience Planning  - Equity Resources

Follow up resources from the panelists, examples from BayCAN, guides and toolkits, relevant reports and legislation.