Heat, Drought, Fire

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As the the hottest months of the year set in, BayCAN is focusing in our meetings, trainings and resources to help build capacity to respond to extreme heat, drought and fire in our region this season.


See below for a suite of resources designed to help you respond now:

Preparing for Drought

With the 2021 Drought firmly upon us, BayCAN is pleased to present the Drought Resource Guide 1.0. 

In the Resource Guide, you will find two types of resources:


  • First, we present some of the best drought portals and reports -- your gateway to fabulous information on key issues, trends and solutions.


  • Second, we spotlight a number of drought projects and programs that BayCAN members are planning and implementing this year. This includes not only water-related agencies, but cities and counties.

Special Edition:
Heat / Drought / Fire Newsletter

This newsletter contains a special preview of some of our member actions, as well as the latest available news and resources on heat, drought and fire in our region and statewide.


  • BayCAN Member Project Highlights

  • Heat, Drought, Fire News

  • Tools to Help you Prepare for Heat, Drought, Fire

  • Funding Opportunities

Preparing for Fire Season

See this timely BayCAN webinar featuring experts from the Climate Center, the Center for Sustainable Energy, and PG&E. BayCAN’s Bruce Riordan framed the webinar discussion with a PPT on how climate change is creating the conditions for many more large and destructive fires in California.

See the webinar recording here and check out these additional materials:​​

A study on wildfires in a changing California climate that will see reduced rainfall in fall and therefore a longer and more dangerous fire season.

Sample PG&E substation “spec sheet” and the list of 62 substations that PG&E is preparing for any PSPS events. 

Spring Regional Meeting Resources

BayCAN kicked-off the 2021 Heat-Drought-Fire Season with a May 5th special presentation from climate scientist Daniel Swain (UCLA). You can see the recording here (fast forward to the 2:11 mark).

Including featured presentations and breakout discussions on the following additional topics:

  • The latest science on Heat / Drought / Fire in our region

  • Member actions to address these stressors

  • Keynote from APEN on building "Resilience Before Disaster"

  • Discussions on Just and Resilient Recovery Strategies for 2021

For the full list of meeting resources click here.