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Resources from BayCAN Members

North Bay

C-SMART: Sea Level Rise and Marin’s Ocean Coast  

Marin County’s comprehensive assessment of its outer coast

Marin BayWAVE: Sea Level Rise and Marin’s Bayside

Marin’s 300+ page assessment of SF Bay vulnerability to sea level rise

North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative

NB coalition building climate-resilient ecosystems and watersheds

Joint Local Gov Response to CPUC on PSPS

45-page legal memo to the CPUC addressing the October 9 PSPS and PG&E on behalf of Sonoma County, Napa County, City of Santa Rosa, Mendocino County and Santa Barbara County. 

Central Bay

Alameda County Adaptation Workshops Planning Guide v.2
For local government staff with cross-agency, equity, and community engagement guidance

Adapting to Rising Tides: Alameda County Project    

BCDC’s pioneering multi-year sea level rise project with Alameda County stakeholders

Guidance for Incorporating Sea Level Rise Into Capital Planning in San Francisco

San Francisco’s how-to for integrating sea level rise into city capital planning

Oakland/Alameda Resilience Study

BCDC ART study of highly vulnerable area near the Coliseum

San Francisco Climate and Health Program

CDC-funded project that assessed climate/health vulnerabilities and strategies

Operational Landscape Units: San Francisco Estuary Institute & SPUR

Using nature’s jurisdictions to plan for sea level rise around SF Bay

City of Alameda's Social Vulnerability Assessment

Alameda's assessment of the city's social vulnerability to natural hazards

Finding $100 Million/yr. for Bay Area Shoreline Climate Adaptation

A message from Warner Chabot, SFEI

South Bay

Sea Change San Mateo

Web portal for San Mateo County’s extensive work on sea level rise

Marin and San Mateo Lawsuits Against Oil Companies

Groundbreaking lawsuits seeking $$ for impacts from GHG pollution

Other Members

Nature-Based Adaptation Solutions: The Nature Conservancy California Program

Guide to TNC’s California work to advance nature-based solutions

The California Heat Assessment Tool: Four Twenty Seven

New research-based tool to identify better health thresholds for extreme heat

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Key Resources from BayCAN Partners

Reports and Documents

12 Stories of Climate Adaptation in Counties Around the Bay Area and San Francisco Estuary

Special Adaptation issue from Estuary News, June 2020


Bay Area Region Report (UC Berkeley)

100+ page report by UC Berkeley experts on Bay Area climate impacts

Baylands and Climate Change: What We Can Do 

260+ page how-to on achieving healthy, resilient Baylands in a climate-changed future

Surviving the Storm (Bay Area Council Economic Institute)

BACEI’s study and report on the impacts of a massive storm hitting the Bay Area

Organizations and Initiatives

Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative (BARHII) 

Regional initiative by county health departments on health, equity and climate



Bay Area Regional Reliability (water agencies) 

8 major water agencies collaborating on supply reliability and emergency preparedness



Climate Readiness Institute (UC Berkeley) 

Webinars, workshops and Bay Area-focused research on climate impacts



Coastal Hazard Adaptation Resiliency Group (CHARG) 

Bay Area Flood Control Agency Association project providing tech assistance



Resilient by Design – Bay Area Challenge 

Phase II will support implementation of X number of the 9 Phase I project designs



San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority (Measure AA) 

Implementing $500 million Measure AA parcel tax to fund bay restoration projects

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