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BayCAN Equity Program

BayCAN is committed to helping advance climate justice and equity in resilience-building across the Bay Area. We do so by supporting peer learning, developing region-specific resources and working across sectors to shift towards a culture of equity.


Launched in partnership with West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project and EcoEquity Consulting, the BayCAN's Equity Program found its beginnings through the foundation of the Equity Work Group. The work group serves as a “Community of Practice” for members to help one another embed equity within their own adaptation work, as well as a space for members to collaboratively determine how to further advance equity as a network and a region. 

If you are a BayCAN member and are interested in joining the work group, email Carolyn Yvellez at

Our Current Projects

Equity Consultations


We offer directed equity consultations to focus in on any adaptation project's approach and strategies to advance equity.


Possible topics for equity consultations include:


  • Community engagement and empowerment methodologies

  • Equitable decision-making structures

  • Working with community-based consultants

  • Equitable compensation structures

  • Defining equity, and equitable outcomes in the context of your project

To schedule your Equity Consultation, contact Carolyn at

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Equitable Adaptation Resource Guide 

The BayCAN Equity Work Group recently published the Equity Resource Guide which compiles and curates a phase-by-phase list of the best equitable adaptation resources available, specifically for the use of local government staff in the Bay Area. For more information or to collaborate, contact


Advancing a Just and Resilient Recovery

BayCAN is working in collaboration with members and partners to develop regional strategy to advance a Just and Resilient Recovery in the Bay Area.  Through the formation of a "Just and Resilient Recovery Sub-Committee," BayCAN members are working to produce a set of recommendations for the Bay Area to be published soon!

To learn more or get involved, contact

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Equity Trainings

The Equity Work Group will be hosting a June training for all BayCAN members providing key tools and frameworks for operationalizing equity in adaptation work, tailored to our member's needs. 

To view a recording of our most recent training, including follow-up materials and resources, click here.

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Regional Collaboration

The Equity Work Group is partnering with jurisdictions across the Bay Area to co-produce joint projects to advance equity across our region. Some projects include: partnering with members on an "Advocacy and Education on State Funding for Equity" letter to legislators and policymakers, publishing joint articles on equitable funding structures, and working with BCDC to help develop their new Adaptation Guidance.

Community Engagement Plan Template

BayCAN, San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI), and Coastal Quest have developed a Community Engagement Plan Template as part of a project funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) National Coastal Resilience Fund. The purpose of this resource is to help entities identify strategies and tools to ensure a robust, equitable, substantive, and productive community engagement process to support their climate adaptation and resilience efforts. Equitable planning processes feature outreach and engagement strategies that are representative of all community demographics, and particularly those that have been systematically excluded in prior planning processes. This template documents strategies and tools entities can utilize to conduct equitable, inclusive engagement that results in tangible outcomes.

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BayCAN in the News!

BayCAN's Equity Work is getting coverage! Estuary News interviewed Equity Program Co-Lead, Yeshe Salz among 3 other Climate Equity leaders in the Bay Area for their Estuary Voices Podcast. Listen here!

Program Resources

Equity Program Case Study

The BayCAN Equity Program was featured in the California statewide alliance, ARCCA's, Equity Case Studies Report.  

Equity Resource Guide

The Equity Resource Guide compiles and curates a phase-by-phase list of the best equitable adaptation resources available, specifically for the use of local government staff in the Bay Area.

BayCAN Equity Definition

How we define equity, and understand what it means to embed equity into adaptation work. 

Work Group Foundational Document

The document describing the context and process of our foundation, our mission and objectives

Embedding Equity Into Climate Resilience Planning  - Resources from February 14th, 2019 Meeting

Follow up resources from the panelists, examples from BayCAN, guides and toolkits, relevant reports and legislation.

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