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Equitable Adaptation Training

Materials and Resources

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Hosted by the BayCAN Equity Work Group, this training was developed and offered on June 25, 2020. The curriculum was designed to help BayCAN members advance their adaptation work through key frameworks and tools for equitable project design, planning and implementation.

Participants left with a deeper understanding of the core frameworks for community-driven adaptation planning as well as how to utilize a host of tools to aid them in the process including:

  • Analyzing and measuring for equity

  • Navigating community vulnerability mapping tools

  • Building equitable leadership structures

  • Engaging and partnering with community organizations

Follow-up Resources

BayCAN Equity Definition - How we define equity, and understand what it means to embed equity into adaptation work. 

Presentation Slides - use this to access the list of tools we presented on, and those included in the Equitable, Community Driven Planning Framework presentation

Guide to Equitable, Community Driven Climate Preparedness Planning from the Urban Sustainability Director's Network

Guide for using the Spectrum of Community Engagement to Ownership developed by Movement Strategy Center

Resilient Communities Initiative Equity Checklist, developed in partnership with Rooted in Resilience and Communities for a Better Environment

Key initiatives we draw inspiration from that are working towards community-driven adaptation:  

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