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BayCAN is a membership organization, achieving network sustainability through a sliding scale of annual dues developed to make joining affordable.

The Bay Area Climate Adaptation Network is designed to help your organization take action on climate adaptation and resilience. Only BayCAN members can participate in all network activities. BayCAN members will get the latest news and information, a fabulous network of Bay Area and California peers, direct links to state policy development and funding, in-depth learning on critical topics, and personal consultations to problem-solve your key issues.

Ready to join BayCAN?​

Non-Jurisdiction Membership Application

If you do not represent a City or County (local jurisdiction), please download the "Non-Jurisdiction BayCAN Membership Application" form below, fill it out, and email it to

Equity-centered Community Based Organization Application

If you represent an equity-centered community based organization, please download the "No-Cost BayCAN Membership Application" below and email to

Bay Area City or County Application

If you represent a City or County in the nine county Bay Area region, you do not need to fill out an application - simply email directly with your request to become a member.

Click here to learn more about how to sponsor BayCAN

Are you interested in joining BayCAN Leadership?

Apply to join the BayCAN Steering committee here. Elections will be held in October.

Benefits of BayCAN Membership

BayCAN member organizations will receive the following benefits, designed to help your organization advance climate adaptation:

Regional meetings

Quarterly Bay Area-wide meetings (half day) per year—resources, networking and in-depth learning.

equity working group meetings

Quarterly Equity Working Group meetings composed of local governments, agencies, NGOs, and CBOs to share resources and best practices around equitable adaptation practices.


Access to webinars on critical adaptation topics.

baycan web

Access to information about new and ongoing adaptation projects from fellow members on theBayCAN website.

Baycan newsletter

News on BayCAN and key regional and state-level activities, funding updates and more.

BayCAN Funding Tracker

Access to BayCAN’s online funding tracker which allows members to easily search and sort relevant adaptation funding from across agencies in one place.

Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA)

Access to ARCCA network, which entails:

  • Input on new State policies, funding programs, regulations, etc.

  • Input on draft state reports

  • Participation in statewide ARCCA meetings with Los Angeles, San Diego, Sierra, Sacramento, and Central Coast collaboratives and state agencies.

  • Participation in statewide funding proposals


Two Consultations per year with BayCAN staff to help problem-solve your top questions/needs (via phone/web).

Member Dues Structure
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