BayCAN staff conduct quarterly members-only webinars on key topics that support Bay Area adaptation.


Past Webinars:

BayCAN Webinar #5: Equitable Adaptation Initiatives in the Bay Area

Hearing from 3 BayCAN members on the cutting edge of equitable adaptation, each at a different stage of embedding equity into the adaptation planning process.

BayCAN Webinar #4: Public Safety Power Shutoffs and BayCAN

How BayCAN can add value to efforts to improve the PSPS and reduce negative impacts on local government operations and our communities.  

BayCAN Webinar #3: BayCAN Adaptation Slide Deck and Climate Services

Debut of the BayCAN Adaptation Slide Deck and discussion of broader Bay Area Climate Services 

BayCAN Webinar #2: Cal OES Adaptation Planning Guide

Overview of update, members provide comment on the planned update of Cal OES Adaptation Planning Guide

BayCAN Webinar #1: The Bay Area Region Report