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BayCAN staff conduct quarterly members-only webinars on key topics that support Bay Area adaptation.


Past Webinars:

Heat, Drought, Fire Solutions and Actions

Sixty BayCAN Members participated in this prescient webinar highlighting key projects happening across the region, and ways everyone can do something to respond to this critical moment.

BayCAN Webinar #5: Equitable Adaptation Initiatives in the Bay Area

Hearing from 3 BayCAN members on the cutting edge of equitable adaptation, each at a different stage of embedding equity into the adaptation planning process.

BayCAN Webinar #4: Public Safety Power Shutoffs and BayCAN

How BayCAN can add value to efforts to improve the PSPS and reduce negative impacts on local government operations and our communities.  

BayCAN Webinar #3: BayCAN Adaptation Slide Deck and Climate Services

Debut of the BayCAN Adaptation Slide Deck and discussion of broader Bay Area Climate Services 

BayCAN Webinar #2: Cal OES Adaptation Planning Guide

Overview of update, members provide comment on the planned update of Cal OES Adaptation Planning Guide

BayCAN Webinar #1: The Bay Area Region Report

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