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Adapting to 2020: BayCAN End-of-Year Reflection

Dear BayCAN Members:

Thank you for your support and active participation in BayCAN during this challenging and energy-packed year. We salute you for holding climate adaptation central to your 2020 efforts while we all navigate through the pandemic, election, critical social issues and more.

While the year offered us many challenges, we are struck by the adaptability we saw across our network and the ways in which each of us rose beautifully to the challenge of continuing to work towards a more livable planet.

Let's take some time to celebrate the successes of the year!

Over the course of 2020 BayCAN worked to adapt to the times as well -- We hope that our 2020 BayCAN offerings have helped you move forward.

In 2020 we worked to support you by:

  • Hosting 3 all-region meetings — helping folks build relationships, network and sharing of great information

  • Completing the first full year of The Equity Working Group including hosting an Equitable Adaptation Training for all members and publishing the Equity Resource Guide

  • Hosting webinars on wildfires, the Public Safety Power Shutoffs, aligning planning processes and more

  • Successfully launching The Assessment to Adaptation Working Group - our second work group!

  • Hosting personal consultations for many of your -- aimed directly at meeting your needs

  • Publishing the monthly BayCAN newsletter and

  • Producing resources like the BayCAN Project Matrix and Bay Area Slide Deck

  • Engaging in advocacy for state assistance (more coming in 2021!)

And we still have much to look forward to!

As we turn the page into 2021, over the next six months BayCAN will


  • January and April all-region meetings

  • The Equity Working Group: Year Two

  • Webinars on heat, drought and other critical issues

  • Legislative advocacy

  • Personal consultations

...and much more!

We look forward to seeing you bright and early in January.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!

— The Staff and Steering Committee of the Bay Area Climate Adaptation Network

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