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August Adaptation News

As the days keep getting hotter, the country drier, and the sky smokier, BayCAN continues to focus our Summer/Fall work helping our members address the realities of heat, drought and fire in the Bay Area and get motivated by inspiring solutions.

After a successful August 4th Webinar heavily focused on helping our members take action on heat and drought, we now turn towards fire -- the primary focus of our upcoming September All- Region Meeting.

For updates on all these projects, more info on theSeptember meeting, the best resources on the IPCC Report, latest news and inspiring solutions, click the PDF link below!

In This Newsletter: BayCAN News: Fall Meeting, Heat, Drought Fire Portal and more! Provide Your Input: statewide adaptation surveys Heat, Drought, Fire News: IPCC Report and the latest on Heat/Drought/Fire Inspiring Solutions, Projects and Resources: the good news Bay Area Climate Events:CCEC Forum and CAF Workshop Dates and more!

To view the newsletter in its entirety, click the link below:

August Newsletter
Download PDF • 2.69MB

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