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BayCAN and COVID-19

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

This is an unprecedented moment in history. As a result, climate professionals in local governments and NGOs across the Bay Area are learning to re-configure the nature and scope of their work. BayCAN is committed to supporting our members as we learn to adapt and deepen our collective resilience as well as the resilience of climate adaptation initiatives across the Bay Area.

BayCAN is now curating selected articles and reports linking COVID-19, climate adaptation and community resilience. See the latest info HERE.

BayCAN recently hosted two special COVID response online meetings to hear about how members are coping, crowdsource tips, and understand how BayCAN can best support our members in this time of disruption and uncertainty.

To view a recording of these meetings, click the links below:

Stay tuned for more from BayCAN, and in the mean-time, stay safe!

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