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BayCAN Equity Work Group Launch

BayCAN’s Equity Work Group held its kickoff meeting on July 11th, marking the launch of our network’s first work group! We had an extremely successful first meeting with an impressive turnout -- 23 attendees from local governments, NGOs and community based organizations across the Bay Area!

The formation of BayCAN’s Equity Work Group marks BayCAN’s commitment to helping advance equity in adaptation work across the Bay Area. The work group will serve as a “Community of Practice” for members to help one another advance equity within their own adaptation work, as well as act as a space for us to collaboratively determine how to further advance equity as a network.

We are launching this work group in partnership with two amazing community partners: Phoenix Armenta of West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project and Nahal Ipakchi of EcoEquity Consulting. Through our partnership we will collaboratively plan and host bimonthly work group meetings over the course of the coming year designed to help members learn how to embed equity into their work. We will also work together to scale up our efforts by bringing resources and findings to the broader BayCAN membership in order to enhance capacity for equitable planning across the Bay Area region.

If you are a BayCAN member and are interested in joining the work group, email BayCAN Project Manager Yeshe Salz at

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