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BayCAN for YOU!

BayCAN will rolling out new products and services for BayCAN members over the next few months. Join BayCAN now and get personalized support and assistance with your adaptation program.

Over the next few months, all BayCAN members will receive a series of exciting, new products and services. This will include personal consultations — What Does Your Organization Need and How Can BayCAN Help? — links to key Sacramento funding, policies and programs and more.

We will produce webinars on timely issues, curate a library of the best resources for Bay Area adaptation professionals, and keep members up-to-date with the latest news and information through local meetings, email alerts and the web.

Most of all, BayCAN staff will be ready 24/7 (nearly) to answer questions and help you find the right expert or resources to move your program forward. We are building a fabulous Bay Area network and we’d love to plug you in.

Join BayCAN today. We have a modest sliding scale fee structure designed be affordable for local governments of all shapes and sizes.

Click on “Membership” or email Bruce Riordan (BayCAN Director).

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