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First BayCAN Webinar!

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

In a collaboration with the Climate Readiness Institute, BayCAN co-sponsored a webinar presenting the findings of the Bay Area Regional Report of the California Fourth Assessment.

BayCAN Webinar #1

In October, more than 80 Bay Area adaptation stakeholders tuned in for an hour-long webinar conducted by BayCAN and UC Berkeley’s Climate Readiness Institute on the recently completed Bay Area Region Report.

The 100-page report, one of 9 regional reports produced for California’s 4th Climate Change Assessment, was written by experts from UC Berkeley and covers (a) Bay Area climate science (b) climate impacts on Bay Area social systems and the built environment, and (c) impacts on our region’s natural systems and managed lands.

First, participants heard from the report’s key authors—David Ackerly and Mark Stacey (UC Berkeley) and Andy Jones (Berkeley Lab). Each author worked quickly through key highlights from their sections. BayCAN’s Bruce Riordan then facilitated Q&A between the audience and the three authors.

Based on webinar feedback, BayCAN is now developing a series of PowerPoint slides that will be used by stakeholders to present critical Bay Area climate change information to elected officials and other decision-makers at the local and regional levels. The first BayCAN slide decks should be completed by late November.

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